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late information about an accidental shooting in the east bay that left an officer wounded. >> the election is in six weeks but today hundreds have gathered in downtown oakland to send a message to politicians. >> a group whose goal it is to help those less fortunate took the services to those people in need. we will show you where the noon news is moments away. >> completed bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu -- [ inaudible ]
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>> -- at noon. >> good afternoon, we begin this noontime with the accidental shooting of a police officer during a morning training exercise. it happened around 9:30 at the shooting range in cass to valley. you are looking at images taken from news chopper 2, the victim was a federal officer from camp parks in dublin. there are new details about how badly he was injured but reports say they are not life- threatening. he was airlifted to the medical center. it has now been a record 91 days without a state budget and there is no word on when the so- called big 5 will resume negotiations. talks were cancelled yesterday after a dispute over union pensions. the governor is demanding pension reforms in exchange for his signature on a budget that would close the states deficit. the democrats want the governor
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to win concessions from public employee unions through collective bargaining. the ongoing budget crisis is the subject of large march and rally today. people connected with a number of child care centers say they will forced to shut down if the state does not pass a budget soon. kraig debro joins us from the scene of a big rally in oakland. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, tori, what began with a mile long a fremont this rally wasn't even supposed to happen here. it was supposed to happen across the street but it got so big people wondered over there, this crowd actually fits bitter in this space. it sounds like a football game or a concert with all the cheering going on. agreement on the budge it is not in the foreseeable future, this agreement will have an impact on the lives of thousands of people whether an agreement is reached or not. >> our goal today really is to
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let our families be heard. we consider that an emergency. more than 200 parents staff and kids gathered this morning at fremont sports complex, their mission dramatize the effect the budget stalemate is having on one of the largest child care centers. >> three out of my five need the child care. >> reporter: in order to hold the rally they closed their locations. the irony of closing down for a day to prevent closing down for good. >> we hope we don't end up doing this on a regular basis because we are closed. >> the walk that delivered the marchers to oakland is almost nothing compared to the problem
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at hand. since july 1st they have not been paid by the state. that is $125,000 a day multiple that by the number of business days they have been without a budget are clear. >> once we finally started getting in she started two months ago and she said the center might close for a little bit until the budget is signed so it is kind of frustrating that -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- the employment of 30,000 workers at 700 child care developments statewide suffer through anxiety and the possible real life consequences. >> i lose my job, my child lose is his child care. it effects me and my whole family. >> reporter: here is a live picture, so the presence of
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these hundreds of people here obviously has had an effect on one legislator, what is happening now is a rally for hour. let's pass information about costs to you, they paid eight dollars on a ticket and they have shirts on. they feel like it is survival of this industry. >> california officials have just filed an appeal against a federal judge's order that has blocked the execution of a condemned killer. last night the judge cancelled brown's execution set to take place tomorrow night. the judge said he needs more time to determine if california's new lee that will injection procedures amount to cruel and unusual punishment. today the governor's office asked a federal appeals court to lift the stay, saying there is no legal reason to prevent the state from conducting its first execution in nearly five
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years. brown has been sentenced to die for raping and strangling a 15- year-old girl in riverside 30 years ago. a special event to help the homeless is taking place right now and since many homeless are reluctant to leave their surroundings to get help, this time the help is coming to them at san francisco's golden gate park. jade hernandez is there and joins us now to explain what kind of help is being offered. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. it is hard to tell how many people in need who came out here to golden gate park this afternoon are actually homeless. but this outreach project that runs until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon definitely met the need of those who made the trek out here. this family hailed from the midwest but now jobless and down on their luck project homeless need means more than that for him. >> forced into a situation we do not want to be in. >> reporter: various groups
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lined up in golden gate park. blew shield of california had 80 employees donate their time and for one man his smile. >> i am very fortunate. i am just happy to give back to people that are less fortunate. >> the unique populations here and in the bay view that don't normally come to our events and people who are homeless in this area don't leave to go downtown despite going to another city. >> i know a lot of people that are struggling. a lot of people. even though i am staying where i am staying at i am also struggling you know it is hard times right now. >> reporter: and the biggest need today medical care. in the second year of this project officials have found the population assisted is younger than those helped downtown. many are under the age of 30, transient and equal in regard to the number of men and women aided. project homeless connect usually does this project four to six time a year with the help of the city and many other
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groups. jades her her ktvu channel 2 news. >> coastal fog will help cool things off in at least parts of the bay area today. that fog will bring temperatures down along the coast and around the bay. as you can see in this live picture fog in the golden geat bridge. farther inland it will still be hot and even a little muggy. ktvu meteorologist steve paulson will join us with a complete forecast in just a few minutes. it was a war of words last night as the two candidates for governor faced off for the first time. democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman showed their different approaches on how to solve the state's problems. ktvu's claudine wong tells us what they revealed about the key issues. >> reporter: they both came out swinging. there were a lot of jabs no knock out punch. >> reporter: that didn't surprise some people we talked to, some say these debates don't change minds just solidify their positions. >> i think everybody has got
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sort of their predisposition. i think that probably -- i mean there are definitely people that seem to come out ahead. personally i thought jerry brown came out ahead. he has got a little more experience in debates and so much. >> i think people have so much emotion that nobody is going to change anybody's mind anymore. >> reporter: according to the polls however, there are still quite a few people who have not made up their mind, 1-5, which is significant especially in a race considered to be a dead heat. analysts say she was stuff but stayed on message. she did apologize for not voting more in past records. >> i am not proud of my voting record. i apologize. it was not the right thing to do and no one is more embarrassed by it than me. jerry brown as usual garnered more than his share of laughs. he does have a long record in politics but promised to be more focused on the job of governor. >> one more thing, i now have a wife and you know, i would come home at night. i don't try to close down the bars in sacramento like i used
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to do when i was governor of california. >> i think the winner is going to be known in the next couple of days. it is all about which candidate got their message across. you can bet both campaigns are going over that debate closely as they prepare for debate number 2, set for saturday in fresno. in san francisco claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> late this morning meg whitman's former nanny and housekeeper made some allegation against her. she was employed by meg whitman for nine years even the she was in the u.s. illegal. she claims she was fired for political reasons.
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[ foreign language ] >> meg, please can you help me and she was very upset and say, no, and you don't know me and i have never see you and you have never seen me, she yelled. understand me. >> she is filing a suit against whitman, asking for back wages, whitman's campaign responded to the allegations this morning, they say, it comes as no surprise that the morning after a successful debate for meg that the sleaze machine of the political left is now focused on the politics of personal destruction. we talk about a dog attack and we talk to the police chief about the prime issues. the heat wave is starting to die down, meteorologist steve paulson has more details in the forecast. also a special honor late this morning for a four legged crime-fighter.
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a mailman is being treated for bite wounds to his arm and leg after being attacked by two dogs in san jose, the postal carrier says a pit bull and a german sheppard crashed through a wooden fence and attacked him on the 5100 block of camden
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avenue around 10:45 this morning. both dogs have been bounded by animal control officers who tell us they have caused trouble in the past. it is unclear if the owners will face charges. police are warning people about a man suspected of a brutal rape and robbery, they say demir sai lacko is still on the loose after yesterday's attack and should be considered dangerous because he could be using drugs. police say the attack happened at noon at the housing development. they say he briefly met the victim right before the attack. >> he is dangerous. okay. it was a brutal attack and
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sexual assault. okay. the victim was 45 years old. really like a stranger raped, he really does not know the person. >> police describe the mans a 5'8," weighing 170 pounds with brown eyes, black hair and a tatoo under his right eye that says sf. they say anyone who sees him should call 911. we have learned new information from oakland police about a shooting outside highland hospital. officers now say they are looking for three more suspects. the shooting happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. yesterday on east 31st street near the highland hospital entrance. the 22-year-old mail victim was critically wounded. police have arrested one suspect identified as 19-year- old malvin bell of oakland. he has been booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. this morning we talked to one patient who feels highland hospital does not have enough security. >> they let anybody come in, it is a county hospital.
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they don't really got the right staff. >> ktvu news has been told that yesterday's violence is connected to an earlier shooting at 89th avenue and mcarthur boulevard where two people were wounded. it has been almost one year since anthony batts became oakland police chief. we had a talk to talk to him in our studio about how the crime situation has changed. despite a hearting report to the city council on crime rates higher than most other cities. the said this morning the situation in oakland is getting better. >> i think we have improved as an 0,. crime is down, it continues to be down, the murder rate is down 22% on top of a year that it reduced last year. >> chief batts said he would like to bring back some of the officers who were laid off but despite the handicap he says his plan will help reduce crime in part by encouraging more collaboration between police and oakland's citizens. the eye highway patrol handed out a special award in oakland this morning in the shape of a dog bone. members of the chp golden gate division honored the work of a
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police dog named doux. he nabbed a suspect in january. the bone was made out of roast beef and mashed potatoes, they use 45 police dogs in california, there are section in the local division. the santa clara water valley district is lifting its mandatory conservation and is asking customers to maintain their water usage on a voluntary basis. they are above the 20 year average because of the heavier rains. district board members warn there could be a mandatory return to conservation if there is not enough rain in the coming season. i don't think there is much rain in the forecast. let's check in with our meteorologist steve paulson. >> that is true but there is cooler weather on the way. it has already started by the coast. fog there, san jose at 90.
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sonoma county airport 88. there it is tori ordered it up and i said okay. her and i will bow to that west wind as the fog comes back in underneath the golden gate it is shallow so it can't really -- [ inaudible ] >> -- cooling trend. higher clouds of thinned out a little bit. more this morning. a little break. then tomorrow we keep an eye on this. could send clouds in to the peninsula man the east bay tomorrow. it has brought the humidity up a little bit. there is a lot going on. for us it is the fog that has come back, for those of you who work late and get up around 10:00 or 11:00, i talked to you, it is cooler toward the coast but still hot inland at 90s not as hot as yesterday but still toasty, san francisco 70, yesterday they were 92. they have been 70 for two hours, history tells me they are about done. it depends on what part of the city you are in. there has been some strange temperatures in the city this
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morning. santa rosa 88. 82 oakland-berkeley, 92 livermore-concord, develop it 10 for al 0 at 0 and san jose 90. 99 in palm springs with clouds, 70s and 80s, the heat wave is broken in l.a. now they are 78. 87 ukia, 91 sacramento, that system is spinning off l.a. and san diego, as long as there is a low there it makes me nervous. generally for us sunny, warm to hot but cooler there by the coast as the fog has come back even though it is really expressed it will start to lift over e the next couple of days temperatures inland hot, 90s, close to 100, by the coast 60s and 70s, 80s around the bay. the five day does have a cooler pattern. it starts today for the coast. for the bay on thursday. some clouds for the valley late thursday but then much cooler as we go to the weekend tori. >> thank you, steve. >> anytime. >> book signing events for jimmy carter have been cancelled after doctors recommend that he stay in the
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hospital for more everybodyvation. carter who turns 86 on friday was rushed to the hospital yesterday after developing stomach pains during a flight to cleveland. a hospital spokeswoman says carter feels normal and he is looking forward to resuming his schedule soon. alameda county authorities are trying to solve an unusual case of violence. they are trying to find knee person who shot and killed this bear and dumped its body on the sidewalk in san leandro. employees at tara's meat market called 911 on sunday evening to report the bear. investigators say bears don't live near there so it must have been killed elsewhere. >> we do have some information it was a white dodge truck with some hispanic males that quickly dumped the bear out and took off. >> it is legal to hunt bears in some counties but not without a permit. still ahead we will check the mood on wall street and the county that now has what is probably the toughest antismoking law in the bay
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a live look at the big board, numbers up and down most of the day. a big concern are some problems in europe basically, european protests there worsing fears about the debt problem once again. right now the dow is currently down 31 at 10,826. nasdaq down 6, s&p down 4.5. san francisco is stepping up its campaign to host the
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world's topsailing race. the city has promised to raise at least $270 million from businesses and other sponsors if the city is picked to host the next america's cup. it is also vowing to promote the big race with plenty of ads. san francisco and valencia, spain, are viewed as the front- runners to host the next america's cup in 2013. an announcement is expected within the next few months. if you are a smoker in cost tray cost that county you may soon not be able to light up even in your own home. county supervisors passed a tough new antismoking law that takes effect january 1st andplys to new multiunit hoisting in uncooperated parts of contra costa county. it includes not only tobacco but medical marijuana smoking as well. it will also be illegal to smoke on balance connies and patios. san francisco mayor gavin newsom plans to sign a bill
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extending the ban on drugstore tobacco sales to include big box and grocery stores that have pharmacies. the board of supervisors passed the measure which would effect big retailers. walgreen's unsuccessfully challenged the law, arguing the exemption for larger stores made it unconstitutional. an east bay store that is part of the world's biggest retailer will be expanding. the antioch city council approved a design review for adding a grocery store to the wal-mart store in lone tree way. several members of the city council said they did not support the expansion but they could not block it. wal-mart has been trying to expand for six years. opponents say it will hurt other local businesses and add to traffic and crime in their city. a high school on furlough. it is the newest fall out of our state budget crisis. some bay area students are
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taking a week long break from school next week but many students and parents are not happy about it. we will have a live report from the campus. that story and more in our next newscast. ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval.
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we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. hi, may i speak to my oggy please? thank you. i'm sorry, who? my grandma. this is obviously her chicken noodle soup. only hers tastes like this. just put my oggy on the phone. thanks so much. hold one moment please. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. i'll hold. she's holding. wha? [ male announcer progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ring ring. progresso soup is only 99 cents when you buy 4 this week at safeway. shop now.
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